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The two primary gatherings of computerised promoting are on the web based advertising has 7 significant classifications .

* website streamlining(seo)

* web index showcasing(sem)

* pay-per-click publicizing(ppc)

* content advertising

* onine networking marketing(smm)

* associate showcasing

* email advertising



DIGITAL AJIT digital marketing creative solution we’re focusing all our efforts on one goal: to enhance your website ranking and put it at the highest of search results for the given keywords. regardless of if what you offer is products or services, one thing remains the same: for the purchasers to urge to your business, they have to seek out you initially . lately , a mean customer trying to find a product will first look it up online – using one among the search engines, like Google.

That’s why a correct choice of keywords remains the most important requirement when it comes to promoting your online presence. New customers visiting your website do not get there searching for your business name directly, but rather by looking for the products that you offer.


We believe that quality cannot be saved, and that all our clients deserve VIP services, which include:

We are developing an advertising strategy
We analyze advertising results.
A team is working on your project, not just one employee
You get an operational summary of your company’s work.
Your project is given as much time as it needs.
All questions are answered promptly.
After the meeting, all the arrangements and the time for their implementation are registered
Total control over your project
The team that will work on your project
We offer VIP service for our customers.

Not one employee is working on your project, but a whole team of specialists. As a result, each of them fulfills its part of the project.
Also your project will be under constant control and administration.

The benefits of promoting goods and services on social networks
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 * Large audience

* Ease of communication

* Constantly active audience

*  The possibility of different purposes of advertising prices

* Different ad formats

* Sale without contact details

* Savings on the site

* The ability to argue with media materials

Contexual advertising in google adwords

Google today is not just a search engine. It is also a variety of services for business and entertainment, an operating system, a line of smartphones and a large number of innovative developments.Contextual advertising is an effective advertising tool that allows you to attract high-quality target audience. By selecting the “correct” keywords for the ad, it’s possible to customize the demonstration exclusively to users interested in a particular product or service. Contextual advertising of the site appears on the top positions of search results, which attracts the attention of potential customers and provides a significant increase in conversion actions.

Order contextual advertising

Our company offers effective website promotion through ads on Google . The main advantage of website promotion using context is the ability to choose a profitable payment system (an excellent option is to pay only in case of completed transitions).

DIGITAL AJIT specialists will help you organize the most effective advertising campaign, select relevant keywords and adjust the parameters of the target audience (geographical location, language, age). A meticulous selection of criteria ensures that only users interested in your product or service see the ad.

Contextual advertising allows you to:

Analyze the market and attract the attention of the target audience 

increase targeted traffic that will be coverted to solves

Calculate the budget of marketing companies and the expected effect

find the right keywords to help increase conversion.

Conduct several split tests for the success of a future company

Optimize the synchronous opration of all internet marketing tools.

Features of search promotion

As a rule, after performing the optimization, the result remains for a long time, except for cases of aggressive promotion of competitive sites. This traffic channel must be classified as cumulative, because search results are not immediately visible, but accumulate over several months. As a rule, the result of any action can be seen only after two to three months.

As a rule, in the first stages, search engine promotion is combined with other channels that give quick results. For example, contextual or targeted advertising. This is necessary to get customers here and now, and promotion is carried out to gradually turn off expensive channels.

Note that optimized sites in the first positions do not have the mark ”advertising” and cause more trust among potential customers. Those. the conversion of the site in natural output is higher than the conversion of the site in the block with the ads located above.

Benefits of Search Engine Promotion

Work package. Search promotion is aimed not only at increasing the site’s position in search engines, but also at increasing website conversion and usability. In other words, work is underway on the appearance, content and usability of the site for the visitor. 

The long result . The specificity of search promotion is that the result can not be seen immediately. But the main plus of promotion is the term of the result. If you have reached a position in the TOP of search results, then you can forget about optimization for a couple of months, or even six months.

Taking results . Promotion effectiveness has clear indicators, they can be easily tracked and recorded.

Availability . In search engine optimization sites can not be standard tariffs and schemes. You can always find an individual approach with an individual budget for promotion.

Keyword Selection

Any website promotion begins with the selection of keywords (key queries) by which search users should find your site. A structured semantic core is the basis for site pages and further promotion.

The semantic core (SJ) is a list of words and phrases that describe the direction and theme of the site. In other words, a list of keywords that are distributed on the site, and which will be promoted.

The formation of the semantic core is the first step in advancement. The semantic orientation of the core has a direct impact on the promotion, selection of landing pages and site content.

It is about the distribution of search phrases across the pages of a site. When working with the kernel, you determine which page most accurately responds to a specific search query of a potential client.

The result of building a semantic core is a list of key queries distributed across the pages of a site. It contains the URL of the pages, search queries and an indication of their frequency.

Keys are words or phrases that potential customers use to find the information they need. For example, to make a cake, a user enters the search box with the query “Napoleon recipe with photo”.

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