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computerized digital marketing company DIGITAL AJIT founder by Mr.AJIT MADANE is glad to share that we are into web architecture & advancement . we create sites for business  in all spaces . we are authority site improvement outsourcing organization offering static,dynamic, small, scale sites for organizations .

reach us today to get you site created according to your desires .

Our mission is help to our clients to realize their ideas . developing at all times fully personalized proposals adapted to their needs
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concept-business-charts-analysis-audit-attachment-digital marketing-branding-googlebusiness-inbound-marketing

Add Your Heading Text HereWe start site development not with design and layout, but with defining the goals of the site and the advertising channels for it. Each advertising channel has its own specifics, for example, traffic to your site from Google search is usually more focused on viewing the site, reading texts about the product. At the same time, traffic from faccebook is more oriented towards a quick approach, and in this case you need to quickly and concisely explain to the visitor the benefits of your offer.


The positioning web is to get into the result from different search results from different search engines, either google, yahoo,or bing, key phrases or words on the subject area of your website.​

The fact that a compony or business desides to have its website, this does not mean that it will appear in the first serch reasults of users with phrases or keywords related to the area in which it is developed .​

But for that it happens an optimization work of the site must be carried out , both of the structure & its content as well as​


1. Direct and non-instuctive audience reach out .

2. Interactive communication. results oriented approach .

3.Focused audienced targeting .

4. Inventory targeting

5. user targeting .


DIGITAL AJIT we also offer you the possibility your business in search engines and increasing your effective traffic on the internet .​

Our goal is to make your company or project not only have an attractive design but also improve its positioning in the main search engines.

For this, and within our marketing and internet advertising services, Digital malhar We have a great specialization in SEO and SEM search engine positioning, always achiieving the best results for our clients​


Convenience of the site for the user

Clear site structure

Good website copyright

The presence of lead magnets on the site

Convenience of site communications

Fast order processing

Mobile website optimization

Custom website analytics

Connected CallTracking

Website integration with CRM system

Integration of the site with social networks

Convenience of changing site content

Initial setup of SEO modules

Site loading speed


1. Mobile website optimization
2. Create Layout
3. create ui kit
4. Creating a complete website design
5. Programming and site layout
6. Connecting integrations to the site

The entire process of interaction with the client goes through Skype conferences where the passing of the stage and the transition to the next stage take place.

Each stage is approved by the client, only after the approval of the previous stage, we move on the next

Before starting work, an agreement is concluded under which within 5 days you must provide complete information about the product and services for your site.

After completion of work, you sign the act of acceptance and transfer of the project.

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Companies that value their time

People who are result-oriented

Companies that can count money


Companies that want to work only with pros


As a rule, this is not a small business


Those who value their time and nerves

We believe that you need to start not with design and layout, but with the development of an advertising strategy and the definition of advertising channels. Only in this case you will get not just a beautiful site, but a site that will make a profit.